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Maa Sarweshawari Logistics – A Global Partner
Based out of New Delhi, India, Maa Sarweshawari Logistics is the well established freight transportation company of the world. Staffed with knowledgeable industry professionals, We work with you to provide the safe and reliable transport of your cargo. With sustained double-digit yearly growth, the company is consistently ranked within the top freight forwarding companies in India.

We provide wide range of freight transportation services and offer a global network to over 150 countries around the world. We have domestic and international network in large markets such as USA, UK, Hong Kong, China, Denmark, Dubai, Belgium & Poland and 9 offices in India has allowed us to offer seamless quality services and deliver goods in major markets around the globe.


"I have been working with Maa Sarweshawari Logistics over the past months and am very pleased with them as a transportation solution. They have been very proactive and I appreciate their "can do" attitude. Their rates are fairly priced and we look forward to years of service with Maa Sarweshwari Logistics.
Ganesh Kumar | New Delhi

I absolutely love working with Maa Sarweshawari Logistics. I depend on their knowledge & experience to get us through some of our most difficult transport issues. They have handled all sorts of cargo from single pieces to “Super Moves” and everything in between. Their service with pickups from the ports to inland destinations is second to none. It is obvious that service is a top priority for them. They always perform with our best interests in mind and they keep us (and our customers) informed every step of the way from pickup to delivery.
Diwakar Singh | Jaipur

“I have worked with Maa Sarweshawari Logistics for many years and I feel like I am part of the family. If and when we have conflicts we quickly resolve them.”
Vinay | Punjab